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Emma Watson photographed by Carter Smith for Elle US, April 2014

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This hair
Why can’t Stiles have this hair

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Barcelona - 8/07 

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Neil Krug X Lana Del Rey for “Ultraviolet White”

Neil Krug X Lana Del Rey for “Ultraviolet White”

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2014 is half over and

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get to know me meme: eleven pairings ♦ peeta mellark & katniss everdeen

↳ “No one has held me like this in such a long time. Since my father died and I stopped trusting my mother, no one else’s arms have made me feel this safe.”


Emma Watson at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015 at Hotel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris, France (July 9, 2014)

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